SUBJECT: Frequency of Play – Mandatory Day Off

Amend Bylaws Article I, Section F, Item 5 as follows:

5.   Each sport shall have a maximum 24-week practice and competition season established by each member institution. Frequency of play, practice and scheduling policies shall be applied only during the period of August 1 to May 15. Frequency of play, practice, and scheduling outside of this period is governed by each member institution and will not be regulated by the NAIA.

There shall be no more than three break periods during the 24 weeks. NAIA-approved postseason participation shall not be counted as part of the 24-week period. A week is defined as Monday (12:00 a.m.) through Sunday (11:59 p.m.). Any practice or competition during this period shall constitute one of the 24 weeks permitted.

During the 24-week season, each team shall prohibit all athletically related activities one calendar day per week. Athletically related activities include any practice, competition, weight training or conditioning session, athletic department or team meeting, or video session that is organized or directed by an identified member of the coaching staff. The following exceptional situations will be exempt from the mandatory day off requirement:

a.   A team begins its 24-week season by practicing or competing prior to the first day of classes, in which case the team is not required to take one day off per week until the week of the first competition or the  week classes begin, whichever is earlier; and

b.  A team is participating in NAIA-approved postseason, in which case the team is not required to take one day off per week for the duration of the team’s inclusion in the postseason, beginning with the week of the first approved postseason competition.

As an exception, a team participating in NAIA-approved postseason shall not count practice activities towards the team’s 24-week season, as described below:

EXCEPTION 1: When a conference, A.I.I., or unaffiliated grouping qualifying competition occurs, any practice activities occurring during the week(s) of the competition will be exempt. Once teams are selected for NAIA national championship competition, institutions not selected must cease practice activities or comply thereafter with the restrictions of the 24-week rule.


Intent: To require that each team take at least one calendar day off from all athletically related activities in each of its 24 weeks during which it may practice and compete, with exceptions provided for NAIA-approved postseason participation and practice prior to the first competition or start of classes.

Effective date: August 1, 2018

Submitted by: Association of Student-Athletes

Co-sponsored by: Council for Student Athletes, NAIA Athletic Trainers Association


4 Responses to “18-B-03: Frequency of Play – Mandatory Day Off”

  1. Kelly Perry says:

    What will be considered “a day?” is it 12am-12am? How will travel impact this? Is this looked at as a mandatory activity? For instance, if a team plays a basketball game and it ends at 10pm on Thursday but they travel and do not get back to campus until 3am, can they use that next day as their off day or will they need to use a different day? Teams may travel 3-4 times per week so this will be important.

    • Chesney Sallee says:

      A day is defined as one calendar day, from 12:00am to 11:59pm. Travel is not included as an athletically related activity, meaning it will not impact the day off and can occur at any time during the week. Only those items specifically noted in the legislation (i.e. practice, competition, weight training or conditioning, athletic department or team meeting, or video session) are considered “athletically related activities” and would count towards the calculation of a day off.

  2. Will ALL players be required to have the SAME DAY OFF, or can there be different days for different groups of players?
    i.e. can Varsity have a day off and JV have a different day off?

    • Chesney Sallee says:

      The proposal is written in terms of the “team” rather than on the basis of a given student, meaning the entire team must have the same day off. That said, we differentiate between varsity and JV teams for purposes of other rules (e.g. 24-week season which is described as one season per “sport,” but frequency of play limits that apply to each team individually), so the same approach applies here. A varsity volleyball team and JV volleyball team on the same campus could have different days off.