SUBJECT: Financial Assistance – Natural Disasters and Emergencies

Amend Bylaws Article II, Section B as follows:

Assignment of scholarships, grants in aid, or student loans shall be controlled by the faculty through the regularly constituted committee on student loans and scholarships.

Any financial aid or assistance to prospective or enrolled students in money or in kind, except that which comes from members of their immediate family or from those upon whom they are legally dependent, shall be administered by the institution under policies and procedures established by the institution through its regularly constituted committee on student loans and scholarships. Under no conditions may an individual or organization provide direct financial assistance to a previously enrolled or prospective student.

. . .

A member institution shall award no more financial aid to a student-athlete than the actual cost of:

1.   Tuition;

2.   Mandatory fees, books, and supplies required for courses in which the student-athlete is enrolled; and

3.   Board and room for the student-athlete only, based on the official board and room allowance listed in the official institutional publication.

Further financial assistance to a student-athlete by a member institution, other than listed above, is prohibited.

. . .

EXCEPTION 3:   In cases of a natural disaster or emergency, an institution may provide financial assistance to a prospective or enrolled student-athlete(s) in money or in kind provided the institution’s established financial assistance process or distribution method is followed, and any such assistance is available to the general student body. A third party relief organization (e.g. Red Cross, United Way, local community organization, etc.) or other first responders may also provide assistance in money or in kind provided any such assistance is available to all individuals affected by the disaster or emergency.

This regulation regarding maximum financial aid to a student-athlete is not intended to place pressure on any member institution to increase its program to this level. This regulation is made to protect the NAIA from overly ambitious programs and to help protect the amateur status of student-athletes.


Intent: To create an exception in cases of natural disasters or emergency that would allow an institution or third party organization to provide financial assistance directly to prospective or enrolled student-athletes when such relief is also available to others similarly affected.

Effective date: August 1, 2018

Submitted by: National Conduct and Ethics Committee


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