SUBJECT: Submission of Eligibility Certificates

Amend Bylaws Article V, Section J, Item 2 as follows:

2.  Institutions which sponsor sports that carry over from one term to another (basketball, swimming and diving, wrestling, etc.) must certify that students participating in these sports are eligible for all terms in which the competition takes place. A statement signed by the registrar, athletics director and faculty athletics representative noting that the students have been reevaluated and are eligible may be submitted in lieu of the official eligibility certificate to the eligibility chair within 21 days after the close of the term or prior to the first competition after the close of a term, whichever is later.

In any case, institutions must recertify students (submit an updated certificate) by February 1 for second semester carryover sports or by April 8 for third quarter carryover sports, as appropriate. Should the 21-day extension period be later than February 1/April 8 due to the attachment of the inter-term to the first term, the later date is acceptable for filing.


Intent: To remove the existing provision that allows an institution to submit a letter in place of an official eligibility certificate when recertifying carryover sports.

Effective date: August 1, 2018

Submitted by: National Eligibility Committee


2 Responses to “18-B-18: Submission of Eligibility Certificates”

  1. Rusty Allen says:

    I understand this to say a letter will suffice instead of recreating a certificate of eligibility. Two questions:

    1. Who will the letter be submitted to?
    2. Will those who have inter-term attached to 1st semester still have 21 days following the last day of inter-term classes to submit the required letter?

    • Chesney Sallee says:

      The current bylaws state that a letter can be supplied in place of an eligibility certificate for those sports that must recertify mid-season. This has been allowable per the bylaws for many years, though this option is not used by the majority of institutions. The proposed change is to eliminate that option. In other words, if this proposal is passed, all sports that must recertify eligibility will be required to do so via official eligibility certificates. The proposed change does not eliminate the 21-day window that allows students to continue competing for 21 days following the end of the term if that time is needed to determine final grades and eligibility for the upcoming term.