19-B-06: Campus Visitations and Tryouts

On March 15, 2019, in Bylaws Proposals, by Jen Saab

Amend Bylaws Article II, Section C, Items 2 and 4 as follows:

1. The Association’s attitude toward campus visitation of prospective students is formulated from the following three major principles:

a. The protection of the student in maintaining normal academic progress in high school and junior college.

b. The coordination of this rule with the overall policies of the institution affecting procurement of students with special talents.

c. The control of tryouts consistent with making the intercollegiate program an integral part of the total program without legislating against the student.

2. Individual or group tryouts may be conducted, on the member institution’s campus only, for the purpose of assisting in the assessment of athletics promise if tryouts are a part of the general institutional policy in the evaluation and admission of students with special talents. Tryouts, where permitted, shall be limited to no more than two days for a specific student at a member institution.

3. No part of the travel expense, meals, and lodging of prospective students making visitations to an institution shall be paid by the institution unless such practice is a part of the general institutional policy in procurement of other students with special talents and not only for the express purpose of securing athletes.

4. Visitation of prospective students shall not involve loss of school time, except where such visitation occurs as a part of the total visitation program of the institution, approved by the administration of both the host institution and the institution of the visiting prospective student.


Intent: To remove the existing limitation that requires athletic tryouts to be conducted on a member institution’s campus, and to remove the existing requirement that mandates a prospective student must secure approval if the student will miss class time in the course of a campus visit.

Effective date: May 1, 2019

Submitted by: Athletics Directors Association

Co-Sponsored by: National Conduct and Ethics Committee


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