Approve the resolution as follows:

NAIA student-athletes are held to a high standard as students, athletes, and members of their community. In the classroom, NAIA student-athletes are expected to consistently maintain high academic standards in order to continue to compete athletically. Athletically, student-athletes are pushed to perform and achieve to the best of their personal ability in representing their institutions. And finally, NAIA student-athletes have made a pledge to uphold the Champions of Character core values, carrying an expectation of campus and community involvement, volunteerism, and the responsibility to serve as role models for young men and women in their communities.

In turn, NAIA member institutions recognizes that adequate rest and recovery is important for the health and safety of all student-athletes. It has been well documented that prolonged periods of physical and mental activity without adequate opportunities for rest contribute to the following occurrences:

  1. Burnout
  2. Mental health concerns (depression, anxiety, suicide, addiction and disordered eating)
  3. Increased drug and alcohol use
  4. Increased incidents and frequency of athletic injury

The percentage of student-athletes seeking mental health assistance is increasing significantly on college campuses. Athletic trainers are reporting more mental health referrals than at any time in the history of intercollegiate athletics. Substantial research also shows that student-athletes have a higher rate of alcohol consumption, binge drinking, and marijuana use than non-athletes.

In keeping with these findings, we, the NAIA membership, resolve and support the following:

It is in the best interest of student-athletes to have regular mental, emotional and physical breaks from the obligations and demands of athletics. To promote sound health and an overall positive student experience, as a best practice each NAIA institution should provide student-athletes with one day each week free from athletic demands or obligations that include sport-related activity or instruction. Such time away from athletics will provide student-athletes a chance to rest, as well as an opportunity to focus on other non-athletic endeavors.


Intent: To resolve to afford all student-athletes with one day off per week from all athletically related activities in recognition of the numerous benefits of providing student-athletes with a mental, emotional and physical break from athletics.

Effective date: August 1, 2019

Submitted by: Association for Student-Athletes

Co-Sponsored by: Council for Student-Athletes, Council of Presidents, Athletic Trainers Association, Athletic Directors Association, Conference Commissioners Association


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