Current State:

Seasons of competition are currently charged for any singular moment of participation in an intercollegiate contest. An exception is in place for students who compete “unattached.”

Layers of non-linear rules (e.g., 12-month window, summer competition after May 15, different thresholds of charging for individual vs. team sports, unattached exception, Post-Secondary Amateur Year (PSAY), in-progress seasons) make application of the competitive experience regulations quite complex, time consuming and difficult to understand or predict the outcome. These factors make it difficult for campuses to apply the rules correctly and consistently for continuing students.



A student must compete in at least 20% of the scheduling limitations (contests or dates as listed in NAIA Bylaws Article I, Section G, Item 1) to be charged a season of competition for NAIA intercollegiate participation. The unattached exception would be eliminated, as the underlying intention of the exception would be satisfied by the 20% allowance of competition.



To remove the complexities and inequities surrounding unattached competition while enabling institutions to provide opportunities for student-athletes to participate. Such opportunities support student-athlete recruitment, retention, experience, and wellness.


Purpose Statements this supports:

  • Simplification and transparency.
  • Ease of application.
  • Strengthen recruitment opportunities for NAIA institutions against NCAA DII and DIII institutions.
  • Support student recruitment, retention, enrollment, graduation rates and student experience.

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