20-B-08: Recertification

On March 2, 2020, in 2020 Bylaw Amendments, by Jen Saab

Amend Article V, Section C, Item 14 as follows:

14. A student who is eligible the last day of a term may retain eligibility until midnight of the 30th 21st calendar day following the close of a term to allow an institution time to recertify eligibility. For a student taking inter-term coursework at an institution that has determined the inter-term will stand alone or attach to the fall term (per Article I, Section N), the student may retain eligibility until midnight of the 30th calendar day following the close of the fall term or midnight of the fifth calendar day following the close of the inter-term, whichever is latest. This regulation does not apply to students who complete all requirements for graduation or complete 10 semesters of attendance (or equivalent). Further, students declared ineligible by the institution or conference shall lose eligibility immediately upon such declaration.


Intent: To extend the window for recertification from 21 days to 30 days following the close of a term, during which time any student who was eligible during the term can maintain eligibility and continue to compete, and specify that the only special treatment given to inter-term students at an institution where the inter-term stands alone or attaches to the fall term is to allow five days following the close of the inter-term to conduct recertification.

Effective date: August 1, 2020

Submitted by: Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference

Co-Sponsored by: River States Conference


2 Responses to “20-B-08: Recertification”

  1. Joyce Pigge says:

    This is reality: we attach Interterm to the fall term. Applying this proposal language to Interterm/Spring 2020 would result in having only ONE day to submit all eligibility for spring sports. Why? Because re-certification cannot
    occur until Interterm is over and grades for Interterm are entered in their normal fashion, and, our Interterm ended on Thursday with grades due the following Tuesday—-the fifth day would be Wednesday—-one day to do re-certification for many sports. I have been FAR for 40 years. Can. Not. Be. Done.

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