Amend NAIA Bylaws Article IX, Section C, Item 7 as follows:

5. National Eligibility Committee

a. The National Eligibility Committee is appointed by the Council of Faculty Athletics Representatives to serve as the official body to administer all eligibility matters.

An officer of the Council of Faculty Athletics Representatives is named each year to serve as coordinator for this committee and to work closely with the committee in the administration of the program. The National Eligibility Committee is composed of three to five members: from widely spread geographic areas, normally selected from four faculty athletics representatives/eligibility chairs and one athletics compliance administrator whose normal function in their institution or conference makes them knowledgeable and skillful in this area. Selection of the committee will take gender and minority representation into consideration to maintain a balance on the committee.

Note: Additional selection criteria should be applied at the next regularly occurring election cycle.

b. The National Eligibility Committee’s duties are as follows:

1)  Operates under policies developed by the Council of Faculty Athletics Representatives and works with the NAIA President/Chief Executive Officer in the disposition of all eligibility cases, problems or interpretations;

2)  Acts as the interpreting body of the Constitution and Bylaws for the Association;

3)  Is authorized to impose penalties on an institution’s athletics program and/or charge an institution with the responsibility of imposing sanctions on students as authorized by Article VI, Section C of the NAIA Bylaws;

4)  Initiates such changes in NAIA standards or policies as it feels are in the best interest of the organization and makes recommendations for consideration by the annual meeting body and membership; and

5)  Works with the faculty athletics representatives and athletics directors of member institutions in developing a national program of rules and standards.


Intent: To ensure the National Eligibility Committee consists of five members, and specify four members must be faculty athletic representatives and/or eligibility chairs, and one member must be an athletics compliance administrator.

Effective Date: August 1, 2022

Submitted by: Athletics Compliance Administrators Association

Co-sponsored by: Athletic Directors Association


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