Amend NAIA Bylaws Article IX, Section C, Item 2 as follows:

  1. National Conduct and Ethics Committee

This committee shall be charged with reviewing and acting upon cases:

a. Involving inappropriate conduct of a physical or verbal nature by players, coaches or fans;

b. Involving violations of the NAIA Code of Ethics;

c. Involving violations of the Institutional Financial Aid Policy (See Council of Presidents Policy);

d. Involving violations of the campus visitation/tryout, financial assistance, recruitment, scheduling and/or frequency of play regulations;

e. In which a student or institutional representative provides false or inaccurate information to the NAIA or to a member institution; and/or

f. Involving violations of the Declaration of Intent to Participate in postseason-play regulations.

The committee comprises three members from the NAIA Athletics Directors Association, twothree members from the NAIA Faculty Athletics Representatives Association, one member from the Athletics Compliance Administrators Association and two at-large positions will be designated for females and/or minorities. Each association shall select its own members with the committee chaired by a member of the NAIA Athletics Directors Association. This committee shall report to the National Administrative Council. This committee is authorized to impose penalties on institutions’ athletics programs, coaches and/or students as authorized in Article VI, Section C of the NAIA Bylaws.


Intent: To expand the National Conduct and Ethics Committee to include one member of the Athletics Compliance Administrators Association and one additional member of the Faculty Athletics Representatives Association.

Effective Date: August 1, 2022

Submitted by: Athletics Compliance Administrators Association

Co-sponsored by: Athletic Directors Association


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