Amend Bylaws Article V, Section C, Item 2, Note 2 as follows:

NOTE 2:  Home-schooled Students

Home-schooled students who complete a home schooling program conducted in accordance with the laws of the student’s state of residence and achieve a minimum score of 2018 on the ACT or 950 (Critical Reading and Math) on the SAT will meet entering freshmen requirements.

For ACT tests taken beginning March 2016, a minimum score of 18 will satisfy this requirement. For ACT tests taken prior to March 2016, a minimum score of 20 is required. This criteria will apply through the 2018-19 academic year, after which time testing requirements for freshman eligibility will be reevaluated.

Any student who completes a home schooling program, conducted in accordance with the laws of the student’s state of residence, may request a home school waiver from the NAIA Home School Committee if the student fails to achieve the required test scores. A student receiving a home school waiver will be recognized as meeting entering freshman requirements. The Council of Faculty Athletics Representatives shall establish policy governing the issuance of a home school waiver by the NAIA Home School Committee.

Intent: To adopt an ACT test score of 18 as the minimum acceptable score a home-schooled student may use to receive an eligible decision without obtaining a waiver from the NAIA Home-school Committee.

Effective date: May 1, 2017

Submitted by: Council of Presidents

Co-Sponsored by: National Eligibility Committee, Home-school Committee


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