17-B-05 Recruitment

On March 13, 2017, in Bylaws Proposals, by Jen Saab

Amend Bylaws Article II, Section D, Items 1-2 as follows:

  1. Recruitment of an Enrolled Student-Athlete

If, during the school year or summer vacation period, the athletics director, faculty athletics representative, or coach of a member institution is contacted or becomes aware of contact by an athlete who enrolled at another institution of higher learning (two-year or four-year), it shall be the responsibility of the contacted institution (athletics director or faculty athletics representative) to notify, in writing, the institution (athletics director or faculty athletics representative) where the athlete is presently enrolled within 10 days following the first contact.

A coach or another representative of a member institution shall not initiate contact with an athlete who has enrolled at another four-year member institution. It is permissible to contact a student who is currently enrolled at a two-year institution once the student completes the academic year in which the student utilizes his/her first season of competition.

A coach or another representative of a member institution may respond to a contact by an athlete only after the enrolled athlete’s institution (athletics director or faculty athletics representative) has been notified as prescribed above.

  1. Recruitment of a Non-Enrolled Student

A coach or another representative of a member institution shall not contact an athlete who has drawn equipment and is engaged in organized pre-school practice at another member institution.

Intent: To confine the limitation restricting representatives of an NAIA institution from initiating contact with a student who has enrolled or begun practice to only those students who have enrolled or begun practice at an NAIA institution.

Effective date: April 12, 2017

Submitted by: The Sun Conference

Co-sponsored by: Appalachian Athletic Conference, Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference, Heart of America Athletic Conference


2 Responses to “17-B-05 Recruitment”

  1. How many schools have received notices of recruitment from NCAA D2 schools prior to them contacting an NAIA student athlete?

    Why not remove the 2 year school clause completely?

    • Chesney Sallee says:

      The NAIA isn’t privy to all such notifications, so we aren’t in a position to answer that. Anecdotally, Legislative Services did ask the conference commissioners to inform the national office when they were made aware of any notifications, simply as a point of reference. To date, collectively the commissioners have provided approximately five distinct instances of NCAA DII schools providing notification prior to initiating contact with an NAIA student-athlete. Please note that this is certainly not comprehensive data, but rather the only data the national office has access to at this point in time.

      The two-year clause applies to students who are at a junior college and still within the academic year of their first season of competition. The student still has eligibility remaining at that institution, so the NAIA philosophy has been that NAIA coaches should not initiate contact with the student. The NAIA philosophy has been that a student should have complete freedom to reach out and speak with other coaches at their discretion, but that NAIA coaches should honor the student’s enrollment at another institution and not initiate contact. The exception here is for a student at a two-year institution who has completed the academic year of the student’s second season of competition (no remaining eligibility at that school).