17-B-03 24-Week Season Exception

On September 13, 2017, in Bylaws Proposals, by Jen Saab

Amend Bylaws Article I Section F, Item 5 as follows:

  1. Each sport shall have a maximum 24-week practice and competition season established by each member institution. Frequency of play, practice, and scheduling policies shall be applied only during the period of August 1 to May 15. Frequency of play, practice, and scheduling outside of this period is governed by each member institution and will not be regulated by the NAIA.

There shall be no more than three break periods during the 24 weeks. Nike Air Max 2016 Goedkoop NAIA-approved postseason participation shall not be counted as part of the 24-week period. NIKE AIR MAX SEQUENT

A week is defined as Monday (12:00 a.m.) through Sunday (11:59 p.m.). air max pas cher Any practice or competition during this period shall constitute one of the 24 weeks permitted. As an exception, a team participating in NAIA-approved postseason shall not count practice activities towards the team’s 24-week season, as described below: EXCEPTION 1: When a conference, A.I.I., or unaffiliated grouping qualifying competition occurs, any practice activities occurring during the week(s) of the competition will be exempt. Nike Air Max 2016 Uomo

Once teams are selected for NAIA national championship competition, institutions not selected must cease practice activities or comply thereafter with the restrictions of the 24-week rule. Any regular season or non-qualifying events occurring during this time must be counted towards the team’s frequency of play limits, even if the week is exempt from the 24-week season due to this exception. EXCEPTION 2: Practice activities for teams selected to participte in NAIA national championship competition will continue to be exempt. Maglie Atlanta Hawks The team may continue to utilize the exception through its final contest in national championship competition. EXCEPTION 3: For all other forms of NAIA-appoved postseason, Ppractice activities occurring between the deadline for the sport’s completion of conference, A.I.I. ff14 gil for sale or unaffiliated grouping qualifying competition and the team’s participation in its final contest in NAIA-approved postseason shall not count towards the team’s 24-week season. Womens Air Jordan 4 Once teams are selected for NAIA-approved postseason, institutions not selected for the NAIA-approved postseason must cease practice activities or comply thereafter with the restrictions of the 24-week rule. Teams selected to participate in NAIA-approved postseason must count all activities at the conclusion of its postseason participation. nike air max Intent: To expand the duration of the exception by allowing any practice activities occurring at any point during the week of conference, A.I.I. tuta new balance maratona di roma or unaffiliated grouping qualifying competition to be exempt from the team’s 24-week season, and to further clarify how the existing provisions of the exception apply.


2 Responses to “17-B-03 24-Week Season Exception”

  1. Scott Haddix says:

    1. I would first like to amend section F to state that a week is defined as Sunday (12:00 a.m.) through Saturday (11:59 p.m.) –

    I would like to know if NCCAA post season competition is an NAIA – approved postseason activity. As a coach at a Catholic University I am not eligible to participate in the NCCAA post season and find it inequitable that a program can participate in the NCCAA postseason and not have those matches counted as events or the practices counted toward the 24 week participation limit. NAIA schools who participate in NCCAA postseason volleyball play get to practice and play in meaningful events that NON-NCCAA qualified institutions cannot participate in.

    • Chesney Sallee says:

      NAIA regulations previously defined a week as Sunday through Saturday. In 2014, NAIA membership voted overwhelmingly to redefine a week as Monday through Sunday.

      National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) is considered NAIA-approved postseason, as determined by the National Administrative Council. Currently, qualifying postseason for both the NCCAA and the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) are considered NAIA-approved postseason.

      Within the NAIA, the following are considered approved postseason that meet the exception: conference, A.I.I. and unaffiliated grouping competition which qualify a team for a national championship; and national championship competition.