Amend NAIA Bylaws Article V, Section H, Item 3 as follows:

  1. A student whose college attendance has been interrupted or delayed by one year or more of continuous active military duty in the armed forces of any nation shall be eligible for athletic participation immediately upon enrolling in a minimum of 12 institutional credit hours and becoming identified.

The student may retain eligibility in the succeeding term by:

a. Having earned a minimum of 24/36 institutional credit hours the two immediately previous terms of attendance; or

b. Satisfying the requirements for a second-term student by having completed nine institutional credit hours the immediately previous term of attendance.

2. The duration of the application of the Military Service Eligibility Exception shall be limited to the first two full semesters or three quarters following release from active duty. Thereafter, the student is not entitled to any provisions of the Military Service Eligibility Exception rule, and all regulations shall apply.

3. Military Service Seasons of Competition Exception
An individual serving full-time in the armed forces of any nation shall not be charged with a season of competition for competing in outside competition while when meeting one of the following criteria:

a. rRepresenting the military (base team or intra-military) during the period of full-time service; or
b. Participating in non-military competition with documented permission for assignment as verified by the military unit during the period of full-time service.

This exception applies to the season of competition criteria found in Bylaws Article V, Section B, Item 20b. Amateurism regulations described in Article VII continue to apply.


Intent: To expand the existing exception for competitive experience during full-time military service to also include participation on a non-military team at the assignment of the military unit.

Effective Date: May 1, 2024 as applied to eligibility decisions for NAIA competition in August 2024 or beyond

Submitted by: Chicagoland Collegiate Athletics Conference

Co-sponsored by: Men’s Basketball Coaches Association


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