Amend NAIA Bylaws Article V, Section B, Item 20a as follows:

20. Season of Competition:

a. Participation in more than 20% of the maximum allowable number of intercollegiate contests or dates (excluding scrimmages) at an NAIA institution, whether in a varsity, junior varsity or freshman program, during the 24-week season. Any participation in NAIA-approved postseason shall result in a season of competition. The NAIA shall count seasons of competition based on intercollegiate participation charged by another intercollegiate athletic association at face value unless the season was charged based solely on participation in practice.

A student who participates in the following number of contests or dates during the 24-week season will be charged a season of competition.

In the sports of indoor track and field, outdoor track and field and wrestling, a student-athlete’s participation in a competitive event shall count towards the student’s 20% threshold, regardless of whether the student-athlete officially represents the institution in competition, when the following conditions are met:

i. The student-athlete is certified as eligible in the given sport at any point during the academic year; and

ii. The student-athlete participates in a competitive event that includes one or more collegiate teams at any point during the academic year.


Intent: To adjust how student-athletes’ competitive experience while at a non-NAIA institution are evaluated by honoring seasons of competition charged by another athletic association unless the season charged is based solely on the student participating in practice at the prior institution.

Effective Date: May 1, 2024 as applied to eligibility decisions for NAIA competition in August 2024 or beyond.

Submitted by: National Coordinating Committee


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