Amend Constitution Article VII, Section A as follows:


The National Coordinating Committee (NCC) shall consist of the chair and the chair-elect of the National Administrative Council (NAC), the Council of Faculty Athletics Representatives (CFAR), and the Council for Student-Athletes (CSA), plus five at-large members elected by the membership of the NAIA at the annual meeting of the Association. Two at-large positions will be designated for females and/or minorities. An at-large member cannot be from the same institution or conference as the NAC, CFAR, or CSA representatives. Should any one individual serve as a chair or chair-elect of multiple councils, the respective council may choose another member to serve as its representative on the NCC.

Note: Additional selection criteria should be applied at the next regularly occurring election cycle.


Intent: To remove the restriction that at-large members of the National Coordinating Committee cannot be from the same conference as committee members representing the respective NAIA councils.

Effective date: April 9, 2024

Submitted by: National Coordinating Committee


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